Farrow & Ball Paint

Distinctive Paints From Farrow & Ball

Windo VanGo is proud to be an authorized dealer for Farrow & Ball – leaders in quality paint. What makes their paints unique is that they contain a high level of pigment, rich resin binders, and a high refractory nature of their key ingredients to produce a signature, immersive depth of color.

Farrow & Ball has been scrupulous in their quest to create unmatchable paints. Founded by paint pioneers John Farrow and Richard Ball, their passion lives on today, as their original formulations and production techniques have changed little over the years and is still manufactured in their factory in Dorset, England.

Farrow & Ball Believes Paint Is More Than A Veneer

With interior and exterior, modern and traditional finishes available, their paints are created to shape homes. They're water-based and kind to the environment, proving that beauty doesn't have to affect the earth. They specialize in attention to detail and exquisite quality and it's their finicky approach toward every batch of paint, however large or small, that ensures their paints meet obsessively strict requirements.

Quirky Paint Names Are Iconic

They take as much time and care choosing their colors, offering an edited palette of 132 paint colors that have really earned their place on a color card. Their distinctive color names, many of which are historically rooted, are just as impressive. Quirky paint names are iconic– who else would name a paint Elephant’s Breath? The color names have meaning though, Dead Salmon, for example, comes from a painting bill for the library at Kedleston Hall of 1805, and the Dead actually refers to the paint finish used. Meticulously researched and reflecting their unique heritage, the names are as much part of their colors as the shades themselves.

Visit our showroom in Marriottsville, MD to see the sumptuous paint colors from Farrow & Ball. You will never look at paint or paint names the same again!



Farrow & Ball Paint on the Stairs

Farrow & Ball Paints in Baltimore MD Area

Since 1990, Windo VanGo has been the premier source for window coverings and window covering motorization throughout the greater Baltimore area, including the counties of Baltimore, Baltimore City, Howard, Carroll, Hartford, and Anne Arundel.

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