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Painting Tips for Rooms in Your Home

When it comes to painting tips for rooms in your home, you will find pages of information on how to use different tapes, paint brushes, and more. While these are important to know if it is your first time painting, we are here to help you with an equally important step that should be thought about even before you pick up the painter’s tape: how lighting affects the colors you choose.

Painting a Room, Painting Tips for Rooms in Your Home near Marriottsville, Maryland (MD)

Lighting is a powerful source that can transform a color based on how it is filling a room. While this might seem like an extremely complicated and physics - based way of going about painting your walls, we assure you that it is as easy as understanding whether the rooms in your home face north, south, east, or west. Read on to discover our lighting tips for painting rooms in your home.

North-Facing Rooms

Northern light tends to bring out the cooler tones within a paint color. This means that if you are using a color that comes in a lighter tone, we suggest avoiding anything with a green or gray base. Yellow-based colors, like our Farrow & Ball Yellow Ground, New White, and White Tie paint colors will help bounce as much light around the room as possible. This will prevent the room from feeling smaller than it is. You can also embrace darker wall colors like our Farrow & Ball Railings or Down Pipe colors that create a cozy, comforting feel without making your room too dark. These lighting tips for painting rooms in your home will leave you will a stunning color in your north-facing rooms.

South-Facing Rooms

On the flip side, our lighting tips for painting rooms in your home that face the south involve using soft, pale tones. This is because south-facing rooms are often filled with warm light from morning until night. This makes them an extremely easy room to choose a color for! Using those pale tones that we talked about, will help maximize the feeling of light and open up the space. Blue hues seen in our Farrow & Ball Pavilion Blue and Borrowed Light paint colors create a gorgeous and soothing feel throughout a north - facing room. A red-based neutral paint like our Farrow & Ball Joa’s White shade, on the other hand, will create a warm feel throughout the day.

East- and West-Facing Rooms

Lighting tips for painting rooms in your home when it comes to east- and west - facing rooms are two sides of the same coin. You first must consider when you will be in those rooms the most. West-facing rooms, for example, will be cooler in the morning and brighter in the afternoon. East-facing rooms are the exact opposite. The color you choose will be reflected accordingly. For east - facing rooms, we suggest embracing the cool twilight hues of the sky with light blues and greens for a calming finish. Farrow & Ball’s Pale Powder and Teresa’s Green are excellent ways to retain some warmth in the evening. In your west - facing rooms, warm tones seen in Farrow & Balls Middleton Pink will make the most our of strong late afternoon light, while Slipper Satin will look cool in the morning and neutralize in the warmer afternoon light.

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