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Paint and Wallpaper from Farrow & Ball

Walls aren't the first thing that people notice in your home, but they do make a difference. A carefully chosen wall color or wallpaper can instantly elevate the look of your room and make it more inviting, not just for guests but its occupants too. After all, we are sensory creatures and what we see affects how we feel and what we do.

Farrow & Ball Paints and Wallpapers, lotus, wisteria, at Windo Vango, in Marriottsville, Maryland (MD).

If you know that your interior design needs refreshing, overlooking your walls is a bad idea. The prospect of redoing your walls may seem labor-intensive or expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Have a look at these home decorating ideas with Farrow & Ball paint and wallpaper. Known for their outstanding quality and unique design, high-quality wall treatments are exactly what you need to transform your cookie-cutter walls in 2022.

Design an accent wall with Farrow & Ball's deeply saturated and fantastically named paints 

Creating an accent wall with paint is an inexpensive way to refresh your interior design. You'll be changing the look of one wall, leaving the rest as is. You'll want a color that makes the chosen wall pop. Naturally, the color you choose will need to be different from the room's dominant color.

An accent wall is a great addition to your living room, but you can also create one in your bedroom or any space you spend the most time in. Popular colors for accent walls include red, purple, blue, orange, yellow, black, grey and green. A mint green. A cloudy grey. A deep navy blue. A punchy purple. Or how about Elephant's Breath, Dead Salmon, The Last Ever Cold-Call or our personal favorite, Rasputin's Berry?

These aren't made-up names but actual paint monikers from Farrow & Ball's paint collection. And they're not absurd titles to grab attention, rather, steeped in meaning. Hague Blue, a popular paint color from the company, evokes the colored woodwork used by the Dutch, while another hit, Ammonite, is inspired by the treasured fossils on the Dorset coast.

The company makes complex, saturated colors, just what you need for an accent wall. Whether you're looking for a lively or understated hue, modern or traditional, you'll find 'the one' on their color card.

Redo your walls with arresting, eco-friendly wallpapers from Farrow & Ball

Wallpapering is a one-time investment. It can be quite expensive and laborious, but since the wallpaper lasts long, it ends up being both durable and cost-effective in the long run.

To make your home decorating investment count, go for Farrow & Ball wallpapers. They're inspired by timeless wallpapers from all over the world, and available in floral, stripes, damask and geometric patterns.

Want to add vintage charm to your living room? A lush floral pattern can be a romantic nod to the past. Interested in creating a visual highlight that's as eye-catching as it is opulent? Surround yourself with ornate damask patterns.

Farrow & Ball wallpaper is made using eco-friendly paper and minimal VOC water-based paint. A specially formulated glaze gives the wallpapers their strength and ability to withstand stains.

We can help. Talk to us for interior design ideas.

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