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Improving Home Acoustics

There are many things in our home that we don’t mind hearing. We don’t mind hearing the stirring of spoons and pots right before we have a delicious dinner. We don’t mind hearing our friends laughing on our back patio on a summer evening, and we don’t mind hearing occasional music dancing through the house as we clean or prepare for the day. However, cars rumbling by and honking, neighbors chatting well into the evening on their patio when you were trying to fall asleep, and echoing footsteps are things that aren’t exactly at the top of our favorite sound list. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your home acoustic so that you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful home. Read on to discover our test for improving home acoustics below.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Custom Drapes on a home’s window

Adding Some Padding

When you see footballers tackling each other on your TV this autumn, you might notice they have lots of padding. This padding absorbs the shock of another player ramming into them. The same idea can be applied to our homes. If you have hardwood flooring or other complex elements without proper “padding,” noise will crash into them and echo around your home. That is why you will hear footsteps when walking into a marble museum versus a place with carpeting. One of the solutions to this is to add some “padding.” No, we don’t mean adding a football player’s uniform all around your house to absorb sound but instead adding soft touches, which can make a significant impact when it comes to home acoustics. Wallpaper, area rugs, and floor runners are excellent at absorbing sound. Plus, with so many chic wallpaper options and rugs out there, this can be an opportunity to spruce up your space.

Upgrade Your Window Treatments

If you do not want to add wallpaper or rugs to your home, then fear not. There are still ways for you to improve your home’s acoustics. If you have been considering upgrading your window treatments, this is an excellent way to control the noise throughout your home. Window treatments come in a variety of fabrics, which means varying thicknesses. The thicker the window treatment, the better the sound of the option will be. That is why we recommend offerings from Hunter Douglas that have thick, quality fabrics if you want to improve your home’s acoustics. Some of our favorite recommendations are Design Studio™ Custom Drapes, Duette® Cellular Shades, Roman shades, roller shades, and even shutters.

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