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Adding PowerView® Automation

With things being as crazy as they have been in the past couple of years, you might try to adjust your life to make things a little bit easier on yourself. We don’t blame you! It is important to have a sense of peace and calm when times get a little chaotic.

Adding PowerView® Automation, automated shades, Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation near Marriottsville and Frederick, Maryland (MD)

While you might not think that constantly adjusting your window treatments throughout the day is chaotic, it can be a bit of an unwanted nuisance. For example, if you just settled into bed and realize you left the downstairs blinds open. That means you have to get up and shut them to make sure your home has security from prying eyes. If you are running late getting the kids to school, you won’t want to run around to make sure you shut all of your window treatments, but it would be a little irresponsible not to. Or, perhaps you simply are tired of dealing with finicky cords and wish that the window treatments could just adjust themselves. Well, with PowerView® Automation, this wish comes true.

Your Windows, Your Schedule

While it would be nice to be able to predict the future, it simply is not something that is within our reach at the moment. However, with PowerView® Automation, you can get a schedule a scene for what time you normally open and close your window treatments throughout the day. For example, you might open your blinds when you first wake up to let in some morning sun and then close them when you leave for work. You might do a movie night every Friday at 7 PM, and shut your shades so that there’s no outside light causing a glare on your screens. With this in mind, you can use PowerView® Automation to automatically adjust your shades according to your schedule. Or, you can adjust your window treatments in real time if needed. This is all done through the innovative, user-friendly PowerView® App, the Pebble® remote, or your smart home device, powered by Bluetooth technology.

Multiple Operating Options

In addition to PowerView® Automation adapting to your schedule, it can also adapt to your technological preferences! If you like the feel of a physical remote, the Pebble® Control lets you adjust up to six window treatments with a click of a button. If you want to go totally hands-free, PowerView® Automation can be connected to your favorite smart-home system like Alexa, Siri, or Google. This allows you to control your window treatments with just the sound of your voice.


Whether you need a cord-free operating system for your kids’ room, an arthritic-friendly window treatment option, or the ability to close your window treatments from anywhere in the world, another one of the benefits of PowerView® Automation is that you can enjoy added security and safety.


To learn more about the perks of PowerView® Automation, be sure to contact or visit us today at Windo VanGo. We are located in Marriottsville and Frederick, Maryland, and proudly serve New Market, Ellicott City, Columbia, Clarksville, Edgewater, Annapolis, and Cockeysville, Maryland and the surrounding areas.